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Mar 3, 2013 12:55pm EST
going to change whether the justification is classic self- defense for there is a clear and evident threat to u.s. persons, a hostage situation, or an operation that takes place not as part of self-defense but as part of the broader international armed conflict between the united states and al qaeda where there are operations. respectfully, i believe we will have very different answers depending which category we're talking about. >> the chair now recognizes the ranking member of the constitution subcommittee and the gentleman from york for five minutes. >> thank you. my first question, i must give credit to david korn, if i could read the question he posed. imagine russian president letter been used missiles to kill thousands of enemies throughout asia and eastern europe. imagine further he refused to acknowledge any of the killings and simply asserted in general terms that he had the right to kill anyone he secretly determined was the leader of the chechen rebels or associated forces even if it posed no immediate threat to russia. how would the united nations complete this report?
Mar 23, 2013 12:45pm EDT
countries. >> one positive change, i saw our national security adviser to the speech last week where he and knowledge the primary source of the cyber threat being china. >> thank you. for your extended service and capacity. i want to continue to recognize us -- that and your service to the country. i think nigeria has also been an issue with regard to some of the cyber security issues also. i first want to talk to you about the center for missing and exploited children. your team there has been doing an extraordinary job, working collaboration with other agencies to help track down and rescue young people who are victims of exploitation and kidnapping. the center would not be able to function without the close coordination and your people there, they need to be commended. the center in the chairman's district is doing a tremendous job. thousands of young people go missing in our country each week. the work that is being done there -- i went out and visited the screen center -- screening center. this collaboration you have engendered with other law enforcement and intelligence agencies and t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2